Discord for Business I believe is possible



  • Sienihemmo

    Just month ago Discord announced a move away from the gaming orientation, so I suspect the UI stuff will start going away. They might keep the logo, but who knows. They publically acknowledged that the service hasn't been specific to gaming for a while now.

    Some thoughts I had:

    • Business Premium: Since the accounts are service wide, it would be difficult for Discord to differentiate the consumer accounts from business accounts. Why would a business pay for accounts if free consumer accounts work just the same? Could business accounts join other servers and keep any extra perks they have? Would consumers just view the business accounts as an extra layer of payment to the current nitro membership, which they must pay to have all the perks?
    • Sub-Roles: I don't really understand how this would be different from just using roles, because you can have several roles per user, some with team wide permissions, some with permissions specific to that user. The entire marketing team could have a "marketing" role which allows access to the marketing and design channels, but only half of them could have the "graphic design" role which allows sending files to the design channel.
    • Notes: You can make a private channel or even server for this. You can right click on messages and click "copy link" to get a pasteable link that'll lead you back to that message, if copying the contents is too slow.
    • Sub Channels: Channels can already be sorted into categories, and categories can have role permissions just like channels.
  • Exself

    I truly hope people at Discord aren't stupid enough to betray their original supporters (gamers etc.) by removing the very likeable carefree mood and humorous theme. But I fear they actually ARE stupid enough!

    But absolutely yes. I think it would be very smart to offer a different kind of UI and functionality for people who want a more serious version of Discord. Either a different app or a UI mode, something like that. Just give the option, don't remove the original!!!

  • EvelynRBower

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