mobile site is not usable



  • Scarlettt

    You can try to switch to Desktop Site if you're using chrome and such, then again it wouldn't really look too good on a mobile phone unless it's a tablet or iPad then it would be alright.

  • Kathy Sylvain

    If a URL has more than a threshold level of errors, it will have a status of Page isn't usable on mobile and all errors will be shown. If a URL has less than a threshold of errors, then the status will be page is usable on mobile and no errors will be shown.

    How to make your website mobile-friendly:

        Choose a mobile-responsive theme or template.
        Strip back your content.
        Make images and CSS as light as possible.
        Avoid Flash.
        Change button size and placement.
        Space out your links.
        Use a large and readable font.
        Eliminate pop-ups.

  • Robert Armstrong

    Let's loosen the restrictive nature of the file to allow css and js files readability by Google Bot to solve the issue. Save the file. Job done, at this time you may want to do some quality assurance testing basically making sure the issue is fixed by taking the test again.


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