Discord Calendar



  • Apollo55

    I would love to have a calendar channel. I think it would fit 100% into Discords arc type. Pretty much any Community would profit from an Calendar and a Event management.

  • Phantomwillford

    Agreed, with the number of coordinated events taking place on Discord it would be incredibly helpful to be able to plan things all in one app. I can name at least one D&D campaign that would benefit from that feature heh.

  • D4KiR

    is it planned?


    9000% yes an integrated calendar with multiple layouts and user preference etc.

  • Crysti

    Wanting to boost this. Would willingly pay a one time fee if required. Honestly, I've spent days trying to figure out a way to set something up that's simple enough for everyone... but there's always just.. something off. Having it integrated would be great!


    Yes! My colleagues and I have just moved on to discord. And now the task is to send reminders to the text channel of the guild on weekdays with a mention of everyone to join the conference.

  • MohammedP

    I agree a public calendar, with edit capabilities only too certain roles would be awesome!!
    I mean a full GUI calendar. Also perhaps sync with existing calendars like google and Microsoft.

  • Leaske

    We need this. Even gaming orginazations would benefit from being able to schedule events

  • Vance

    This definitely gets my upvote. As a guild leader in World of Warcraft, being able to put guild events into Discord would be significantly better than using the in-game function. Some players don't play, or don't access the in-game calendar nearly as often as others, and miss out on events. Having access to one in Discord, where people are constantly chatting with one another, would be incredibly handy. 

    Sure, syncing to external APIs like Google or Microsoft would be handy, but I think even just having one directly in the tool as a standalone to start would be incredibly helpful.

  • Lily left the valley

    As a community organizer, we also would definitely use a calendar on our server if it was made available.

  • Trent

    I have been holding out for a calendar overlay for I think 5 years now. I joined discord back when it was in Alpha and you could email the founder and he would reply to all of your suggestions. All of the stuff I mentioned back then are all now features in discord other than the calendar :(. 

    My sister has created  a game night on meetup, but she has to pay $200 a year to maintain it. I could create a discord server for her and combine it with a calendar site, but with these types of group you really want to just have 1 app/website people have to check/join. Combine an overlay calendar with a signup feature (with different customization options) would really be great.

  • Aleron

    The leadership for my org of 300 members playing various games has decided to permanently move to Guilded by the spring of 2022 (seven months from now) and shut down the discord server. Another gaming org I'm in is doing the same thing but not forcing people over yet. 

    I can't stand the convoluted nature of Guilded with channels under channels, under more channels. It's a mess, but more and more gaming communities are ditching Discord and moving to Guilded BECAUSE OF THE CALENDAR! I assume the Discord devs just don't care? There's been no inkling of a calendar coming, so people are jumping ship. I hate that because I prefer Discord over Guilded. 


  • Nezdar

    You don't need long arms, claymation and sock puppets to draw in more users.  Discord needs a calendar that isn't a half-baked bot using emoticons.  Calendar's are a must have feature in EVERY community.  Discord is trying to grow it's base into areas besides gaming, and gamers are moving out just to get a calendar.

  • Leaske


    Im seeing that "Events" is currently being worked on. Not as good as guilded, but hopefully going towards the right direction.

  • xtabbas

    I felt this and I found Atomcal which is a two way syncing calendar layer for discord...



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