Role Stats (easier view of how many / who has a role)



  • nepoux

    Great idea!

    If you didn't know some bots can already count how many people have that role, but having that kind of option would be super-cool!

    Hope the devs see this!

  • ArchieT103®

    you can do this if you go to user management then members in the settings of the server. There is a display role at the top where you can cycle through and choose which role to see.

  • Zelden

    ArchieT103® This doesn't achieve the goal as though it only displays members of that role, it doesn't count them. In servers with thousands of members a role could have hundreds of members which is too tedious to manually count.

  • ˗`ˏLiPinoˎˊ˗


    This doesn't work for me. Even if I select a role to display it still shows only the total amount of members on my sever.

  • Jean

    For some reasons it seemed to work in the past, so the request is actually to bring back this feature :/

    In the past I could simply go to Settings > Members > Select a role > Read the amount of people in the top left corner

  • Srapciooo

    That would be super useful

  • Billy Bobbons

    Discord doesn't make useful features 


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