Make image link hiding toggleable.



  • Asterki

    Nice, i dont want to get banned again :3


  • Luke

    Raptor I didn't word it right but I basically meant exactly that. The only reason this came up is because of the fact that someone in a discord im in was banned before they posted a reddit link which doesnt embed properly but still hides the link making it look like they sent an embed with an external process.

    I'll update my post, thanks.

  • Raptor

    In my opinion, the link hiding should be a per user option. It is after all, a visual change, not a mechanical change like directly disabling embeds on a server. Why should mods have control over your personal appearance of discord? If you like being able to see links/what messages are directly uploaded or not, like i do, keep the links visible in options. If you don't like those nasty links cluttering your gallery of images, disable them.

  • Steven4547466

    And on the per-user level like spoilers would be nice I think.


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