When will I get human responses and not the same automated bot response



  • MicrosoftPain •~•

    It seems that you have already reported this problem in the "Other" community topic and a person has already responded.

  • Drafter

    Not to the actual account. I have tried to reach out with this account but I cannot, I have to use the one that actually is disabled. It's been 5 days and still haven't gotten a response on that other account.

  • ٴ ItIshAkari(¬_¬)ノ!ٴ

    Hundreds of discord members in servers I’m in are being falsely banned rn as we speak so if that happened to you help us out below.


  • marr ♡

    Hi, I have contacted discord support about 15 hours ago. And keep getting automated emails. My account was stolen and the email and password were changed. I even provided proof that the account was mine (Original email & password and screenshots). Also, Over $50 in nitro boosts and gifts were charged to my account.

    Since discord is not replying to this, If you are an ACTUAL HUMAN at Discord, Please help as this is very urgent. Thank you!


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