Text channels missing



  • ShaDow

    I am Facing the same issue for the one of the server which i am member of..i have all necessary role and channel for that channel .but still is keep on disappearing..any solution?

  • naomi5001

    Did anyone get a solution to this?

  • pixelgrinch

    Same here !!!

  • naomi5001

    We found a solution - had to sync permissions of all text channels with the category.

    Get an admin to right click on the channel -> settings -> permissions -> sync with category.

    Solved our problem!

  • BrennaBH

    I’m having the same problem! One sec channels were there. Next, they were all gone. Discord support hasn’t been able to figure it out yet. I started our server and am the only leader. If someone posts in a channel, I can see that text, until someone posts in a new channel, then it disappears and the new appears. It never allows me to see more than one channel. I can see all the channels are still there in settings, but I have no access to them. 😕 Any ideas?

  • Gamalon

    I have a similar issue but on Windows only. I have access to the channel on Mac and on Android.

  • ༺Alͥieͣnͫ༻

    I have same problem.

    Channels missing but on Windows only.

    I have access to the channel on my phone (Android).

    I inspected the Logs and nothing happened, no permissions changed, nothing rare on my server.

    I tried reinstalling discord app, but problem persist.

  • Sat0ru

    Did you try folding the category? mine was missing, but when the mod told me the category was folded, it was fixed.

  • Diamond482

    Possible solution :  I was having the exact problem as the "owner" of the discord, so I came back to share what was happening ( Windows 10 )  as it was really simple.  A lot of the time I use push to talk and use the space bar as the activation button, because its the best button for me when in battle.  The problem is windows and in discord it conflict with a lot of things.  Somehow, when I'm in discord and using the space-bar it sometime collapses the texts channels, and you end up not seeing them them, when in fact they are still their.  It's that little arrow on the left of "Text Channels"  Try clicking on that and the menu obviously opens up again, and like magic all your channels are back .... lol.  Stupid .... took me a while to figure out thats what it was, hope this helps some of you


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