VPN abusers can negatively affect Community & Partnered server stats - a solution



  • Guildelin

    As an administrator of a fairly large Starcraft 2 community we’ve had people who’ve vowed “vengeance” on us who make fake accounts all the time. The fact we need to ban these accounts shouldn’t look negatively upon us.

  • Jammy

    I own the biggest furry server on the platform; all of our stats are 100x over whats required to join the new Partner Program, except retention. We enforce a strict entry system due to the amount of trolls we get, and weed out the majority of them before they can get into the full server as we place a huge importance on user safety, however due to how many we have to ban it's pushed our retention below the threshold. I fully agree with this suggestion, banned users within, say, 30 minutes of joining, should not count towards this metric. 

      The Partner Program is meant to highlight key and often vulnerable communities, but as it stands now it's working the wrong way.

       Great suggestion. 


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