Add Quick Switcher support for channels with a emoji in front



  • fuelsauce


  • Gunpowder

    Not to be a negative nancy, how would you propose to enter said emoji when using ctrl-k? I'm not sure if that's going to help or hinder things.

    I get it, I'm also plagued by channels with emojis in their titles. But you'd have to know the UNICODE emoji name to begin with.

  • tastyguava

    My problem is that if there is an emoji at the front of the name, you won't find it in Ctrl+K. I'm saying add support for Discord to read/display channels in a way where even if there is one emoji in front, it can read the rest of the channel name and display it as if there wasn't an emoji anyways. Now if we're going for emojis, you can actually pick emojis on both Windows with Windows+; and on macOS with the touch bar and probably a keyboard shortcut as well.


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