Add a "Bump" option to bring your message to the bottom of the chat



  • potato99

    Isn't bumping in that case literally the same as spamming
    This is not a forum, This is chat

  • JYAJ

    I don't see why the fact that is a chat matters, people use it as a forum.
    Bumping is a lot better than typing/copy-pasting out the same thing over and over again, people look through the chat and see the repeated messages (I do all the time when looking at collab/job and showcase channels).

    At best right now you can delete your original message and then repost it. A quick "Bump" option in the "More" option menu would be a good spot.

  • potato99

    1st of all: when ppl use discord as a forum
    2nd of all: bumping and copying and pasting will be considered as spamming why would discord make spamming easier
    3rd of all: please tell me an example when you would use it


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