Be able to put a title on discord streams



  • BabanizPROcuk

    that's a good idea

  • Alexander(Titan)

    This would be such a great feature. While developing games or working, some of us like to chill in a chilling channel and people come by to take a look and help out. If we could make a title, I could write the feature that I am working on. I believe it would enhance the already great communication on discord. I can imagine many more situations where this would be useful, such as service streams. Creating new voice channels gets too cluttered and is not specific enough for the streamer.

    Another thing, it would also be great if people could watch the stream without having to join the voice channel so they don't feel pressured to have to engage. I know.. "why not just stream on twitch", but I feel that Discord gives a more casual and relaxed vibe and requires less maintenance.


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