Is Gacha Roll Tracking against the Terms of Service?


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  • Leo (SirJMO)

    just to be clear, you seem to be asking:
    are we allowed to discuss cheating a game? (on discord)

    to which my answer would be, it's not harming anyone, it's not breaking any laws... go for it, get them exploits. "it's perfectly balanced" ~spiff

    however if the question is:
    are we allowed to discuss hacking a game? (on discord)

    I'd say it's a gray area, discussion should be okay, not encouragement.

    But you're asking it in a very convoluted way and you hide a fallacy in there, "the users of this tool since they do not reverse engineer the game in order to use it" did the creator of the tool not reverse engineer the game to create the tool, thus violating the game's ToS?


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