Welcome Screen always appears when starting Discord on Android App



  • DigitalMatt

    Yes. Just joined a server and this is now happening to me too.

    The new server's welcome screen appears:

    (a) Whenever I start the discord app,

    (b) Whenever I switch away, then back to the Discord app

    (c) Whenever I view the "pinned" messages on any other Discord server

    I am *this close* to removing myself from that server to keep this from happening over, and over, and over, and over again.

  • gremdel

    It did go away for me. I think it was after I used the PC discord app. But that might have been a coincidence.

  • BamWeasel

    This happened to me in one server a few weeks ago. I ended up just leaving it. Now it's happening again in another server. I'd leave it, too, but if I have to leave every server with a welcome screen, I'd be more limited in what servers I can join. I don't like that idea.

  • not_chrake

    This happened to me too. It keeps popping up if I change applications or even check settings. It is only happening on 1 server so far but it's really annoying.

  • EmperorSal

    For me it fixed when I closed it out of recent apps. :)

  • Lufthansaaas

    I had that problem too and all you need to do is, to close Discord fully (so also the window still opened when you see the tabs on Android) and then restart it by clicking the Discord app icon. That's all...


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