I have been charged for Nitro Gift even though i didnt't buy anything



  • Nev💢

    Pls help him ... 

  • Muchi

    please answer and help him

    170$ for free nitro gift , so absurd

  • thennothing

    Might be time to contact your bank and see what they can do

  • salvador5987

    While there are no refunds for claimed gifts, you can get your money back for unclaimed ones within five days from the initial purchase date. If a game gift is unclaimed, you can get a refund if you purchased it within 14 days.



  • kiwahara

    Turns out it is from my friend account, i helped him to take free Nitro from Epic Games, but after that my Paypal is still on his account. His discord account was hacked (i think) later so it use my Paypal to buy 17 Nitro Gifts. It was a mess, i have contact Discord support but of course no reply after 3 days, i have also contact Paypal so let's hope for something, thanks guys.

  • kiwahara

    Damn, just few seconds and Paypal told me that i have to contact Discord. WIsh me luck guys, cause i don't really believe in Discord support team :D Many support cases before took forever for them to reply.

  • Avisphillips80

    Discord took money out of my account too. And I don't remember signing up for them either.  And every time you tell to refund your money, they send you and number ticket saying this belong to you. I told them over and over to cancel this service. I don't need them at all. They doesn't seem to get the picture. Leave my money in my bank account along.


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