More features for Nitro Classic



  • Nefnoj

    Especially since the Banner feature isn't as impactful as the other Discord Nitro features. Nitro Classic is about user customization, where the larger Nitro is about major server management.
    It'd at least be nice if Nitro Classic users could have color choice customization as an alternative.

  • Flamei

    its especially annoying when they literally say nitro classic is more for chat perks, and lock the banner function FULLY behind nitro. does it NOT look like a chat perk?? i feel like we should at least be able to use non-gif banners.

  • キルアゾルディック

    I think Nitro classic should be able to boost 2 times also. Theres barely a difference in what Nitro offers and what Nitro classic offers, and they make Nitro $10. They really need add stuff to Nitro classic.

  • Obama

    My suggestion is that the banners should be accessible to both Nitro users. :/


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