Are Nitro Classic being forgotten???



  • SW

    :< its pretty hurt ngl, people getting the 'discord nitro' free for 3 month alongside testing the new "Profile Banner" things while i cant even reedem it because i have classic before.

  • saturate

    as someone with nitro classic, i partially agree. this banner thing is a new feature and its not something youll actually get in any other messaging platforms. (its mainly for social media like twitter and yt). so for that reason i would say that profile banner should be nitro. i feel like nitro classic doesnt give enough perks tho

  • Kouki

    crrystalz I think most of us Classic users are okay with at least getting a static banner because like Saturate said, nitro classic hasn't really gotten any kind of add-on perks. To quote another post I saw:

    "The functions of nitro boost are especially to help servers with boost, and other things made to be used on servers, The functions of nitro classic are for the user who wants to have a better profile, so put the banner function to nitro classic will make a lot more sense" - Apollo Freeman

    I think another thing is why should we pay $10 if we will not even be using any of the other features? To people who are dealing with that dilemma, it's kind of like "Why should I pay an extra $5 dollars a month for a banner," which I think is a reasonable question to ask. Even if we get those extra perks, if we don't use them, what's the point?

  • Real Zain II

    Pretty bad this is just wasted my $49.99 on buying nitro classic for a year and what so you get lol nothing, 50MB max? GIF pfp? Custom tags? Emojis? That's it? Oh and 1080p 60fps :))

    When Nitro users get 100MB? GIF? Custom Tags? More servers? Longer Messages? Banners? Stickers? 2 boosts? Emojis? 
    That's literally the worst $49 I spent in my life.
    (I thought the difference was only 2 boosts, 1 month ago when I bought but that's too greedy at this point pretty disappointed on discord.) won't be buying nitro anymore obv pay discord and still get shit perks :)) 


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