Server emojis in " about me "



  • RaymondG.

    Hello, if I'm not mistaken, that function is already there. I saw a user who had it in his About me, I could ask him how he did it, but since he is someone with a "high role" on the server, I doubt that he will tell me.

  • Gabri

    Hi, you will need the emoji ID to do this, you can obtain the ID of a emoji with :-:emojiexample: in phone app or \:emojiexample: in PC, after you obtain the emoji ID you just need to copy and paste the entire ID where you want the emoji in about me.

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    Gabri I tried this but my profile just displays the the emote as <:emotename:123456789012345678>

    Edit: Never mind. Reloading the desktop app fixed it


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