[Suggestion] Separate prices for add-ons for Nitro features instead of two plans (Classic & Nitro)



  • CorruptNitro

    Riri is totally spot on with this idea. Instead of having subscription plans with set features, allow more user control and let discord supporters choose what features they want. I like the idea of having a customized nitro package, more people may be inclined to buy these, which results in a win-win for both discord and the user. 

  • queen

    This would be the dream and I would gladly spend more money than I already am if I could pick and choose the features I want. I do not need bigger uploads or HD video, for example. I actually have almost everything I need with Ntiro Classic- but I want that custom banner feature so bad! And the new message length! 

  • AssPincher

    Hi, I'd really love a basic tier that is just emotes only. I know so many people who can't afford nitro/classic but love the emotes and would gladly just pay for that feature and also support nitro at the same time. the emotes are much loved!

  • A Pocket Of Rats

    I like this in theory but the prices seem a bit outrageous to me. That said, I do live in Europe, maybe the US economy is different. I guess you did specify yearly.
    Currently, nitro would be 10 pounds a month for me (unless I don't understand this system, which is possible, I only ever used the free trial), which is essentially as much as a Netflix subscription and nowhere near as useful. I would love to be able to just buy access to the stickers and the animated banner of like, £3. But I DO NOT need or want bigger file uploads, longer messages, access to more servers, or server boosts because that's literally just not relevant to how I use discord and I won't pay full nitro price. Which seems like one way for them to lose money.


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