Please stop making features for only full Nitro. Nitro Classic feels like it has very low value.



  • codertommy

    Originally, Nitro Classic was an alternative for normal Nitro if you didn't need boosts; say for a small friend group, or a server that's already high boost tier. You still get the discounts and most other perks, and it's mainly because you aren't paying for the 2 included boosts.

    Now they took away stickers, GIF banners, no chat limit buff, no server cap increase, etc.

    The point of classic is it's a better deal! Financially it should be obvious that launching a better deal will make more money than reducing the perks.

  • Kouki

    codertommy I agree! Though, Nitro Classic was actually originally the first payed perks they came out with in 2017 and less of an alternative to something up until 2018 where they created the second tier Nitro or Nitro Gaming. Which I think is the biggest problem so far regarding how many new perks they are shoving into it and leaving Classic sitting there and collecting dust to try to push people to pay for the $10 a month tier. Classic is 100% the better deal, but I don't really think that Discord has any plans to give it anything new sadly as much as I've seen feedback about the Banners and Stickers.

  • jasper

    yes please, theyve added so miuch newer thing to discord nitro while nitro classic just has the basic old features 😭


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