New double click upload feature... just stop



  • DrDewott

    Almost couldn't have said it better myself. Seriously what in the world were they thinking this is the weirdest, most uneccesary, and most unintuitive thing they've done in a long while and they've already been on a downhill trojectory.

  • Delta

    Yes please go back.

    The entire chat box area is just getting worse and worse. The out of place nitro gift button, three separate buttons for emotes/gifs/and now stickers when you can swap between the three categories from within the window all three open anyway, and now the UPLOAD button is diddled with an unnecessary double click, because clicking once only opens a MENU



  • Lily

    As a UX developer I would really love to hear their reasoning for this change. No matter which way I look at it it's just a straight up downgrade that makes everyone's user experience worse. Generally the idea when developing user interfaces is to make things take less clicks to reach, adding an extra click that is entirely pointless seems very counterproductive.

    Please revert this change.

  • Quazimortal

    I am not a fan of making the upload button require a double click.

  • DAOWAce

    It feels like in the last few months they've done 3 things to completely screw up everyone used to the program (besides the UI color changes).

    Made it so chat input is not focused anymore after sending a media file:

    Added 'stage discovery' to the list, and in the place the 'friends' item menu was:

    And now changed the media button to a doubleclick.

    The former 2 eventually got fixed, but the fact they keep doing this clearly shows they don't care about their user's experience.  There's been so many negative changes to discord over the last year or two, and I still use a very old version on Mobile because the experience got HORRIFIC there after a certain update.

    I've canceled my Nitro.  I can't support a company who appears to not respect their user's preferences and continues to force updates down our throat that almost always suffer from negative usability changes.  At least I have a choice with most other software to NOT update; but not so on PC here.

  • xX_V4MPYC4T_Xx

    Specifically came on here to see if anyone else hates this absolute waste of time "feature." I send a lot of pictures and also often have a million windows up on my laptop so drag-and-drop is way more cumbersome for me. I use the + button constantly.

    Now every single time I want to send a picture I get pissed off about how stupid and pointless this change is.

  • Morgân von Brylân

    "Don't fix what ain't broke"

    Why does this concept seem so hard to follow?

  • Spring Heart

    Trying to do coding for PNGtubers and Discord is like "TIP: Double click" 


    It's not like before you'd click and it opened up the windows menu and you'd have to actually select something before uploading...

    Don't go down the path of DeviantArt please


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