• Delta

    Pretty much this. I'd also like an option to stop gif/stickers/emoji all having their own individual button making the right hand side of the text box steadily more ugly. Like a little 'show stickers/gifs button' tickbox in the options.

    To say nothing of the unwelcome toad that is the nitro gift button.

  • queen

    I don't understand why Discord thought anyone needed or wanted stickers. They're glorified emoji/gifs. I want the whole feature toggle-able, but if I could only get rid of one thing, it would be their interruption to the normal experience. On mobile they pop up whenever you type a damn word, and on desktop clients they show up with emoji matching. It's so incredibly frustrating.

  • Drathis

    I cancelled my Nitro just because of this. I hated how much space they took up when I'm typing out an emoji and I'll get Nitro again whenever they bring back the option to hide them.


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