hypesquad event discord logo isnt updated



  • Daugherty

    Welcome HypeSquad or potential HypeSquad member. You must have recently heard that we have fine tuned some things at HQ and are now introducing houses to our program


    My Balance Now

  • renosant.gg

    dear user,

    we have closed the application of hypesquad bcos of some tuning and some other issues,but we have opened a discord hypesquad option - simply apply for it - the steps are;- go to discord<user settings<then click hypesquad and apply for it ,answer all the questions and u will get a house badge , if any queries or doubts , dm me - renosanteffort.gg#4235

  • bloggingcages

    great news

  • njmcdirect
    You can receive any of the HypeSquad House badges by taking the HypeSquad quiz in the Discord settings. If you want to join Bravery, answer using the first option for all questions. If you want to join Brilliance, use the second option for all questions, and for Balance, use the third option.

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