Thread issues



  • Cable^3

    We're having the same issue. It seems that any role, regardless of the fact that they dont have any of the thread permissions, can make a thread. Also, we're having the issue that anyone can kick anyone else from the thread, even if they have admin perms. Unless I'm missing something, this seems like a flaw that makes threads a massive headache to deal with

  • mandi

    Seems like anyone can unarchive threads as well. Definitely a huge headache. Hopefully these issues will be worked out before it rolls out to all servers

  • ᲼᲼

    It seems that sometimes the auto-archiving isn't triggert. I have a thread in which nobody wrote for 24hours and it was still active. And one time two threads were opened instead of only one

  • Windy

    The permission of creating threads is given to users who have these two permissions on:

    - Send Messages

    - Use Threads

    Mark that "use private/public threads" was on per default when enabling threads, so you may need to go through all your roles checking if the "use threads" permission is disabled. 

    Once it is disabled, people will no longer be able to create threads, but they will be able to participate in existing threads (eg threads you created as an admin, or threads created by your mods that may have the "manage threads" permission). 

    I hope that helps <3

    Happy threading.


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