Thread moderation nightmare



  • velken_iakov

    I wish it was a opt-in instead of a default on.
    I hate the threads "feature"

  • sz

    this, this this! copying my comment from another post:

    I'm a server moderator, and at this time I cannot see threads at all. After some experimentation, we've determined I can get into a thread if and only another member @s me and I click the push notif that pops up on my phone. if I leave the thread it ceases to exist for me. I can still see the recent activity indicator for the server, but not the channel, and I can see the red number message indicator, but can't reach the message itself if i missed the initial push notif.

    I don't know why threads haven't rolled out to me, and maybe this will be fixed with a quick software update, but even a brief and temporary inability to see user activity could be a serious problem for a lot of mods.

  • cryptochrome

    You guys should really read the Thread Moderation FAQ. Because you're both wrong.

    1.) The threads feature is currently NOT enabled by default. It has to be enabled manually. If it's active on your server, someone enabled it. 

    2.) sz: What you are describing are private threads. Only people added to them manually can see them. Private threads can be disabled on a role level but also in channel overrides. 

  • James

    The threads feature is currently NOT enabled by default. It has to be enabled manually. If it's active on your server, someone enabled it.

    This is not true. Threads are enabled for @everyone by default. I believe the exception is community servers, where it's opt-in until the 17th.

  • sz


    I've read the thread moderation FAQ. It doesn't actually say that threads aren't enabled by default, though I can see how you could read it that way- it does make it sound as though the permissions have to be actively enabled. But in fact, "use public threads" and "use private threads" were both on for the @everyone role when I finally gained access to the thread moderation settings in my server on another device. They could not have been enabled by another person, as no one else in the server has role editing permissions.

    The general Threads FAQ specifies that "For now, Threads will not be enabled by default for Community servers," with the clear implication that they *will* be enabled by default in other servers. I've chatted with a few mods of other private servers, and they also had threads rolled out to their servers with permissions on.

    (I'll also note that the private threads feature is only available with server boosting level 2, and my server isn't boosted. I'm also pretty sure that once someone is added to a private thread, it doesn't become invisible to them as soon as they check another channel- that's a height of design incompetence far beyond what I'm used to from Discord.)

  • Vaxity

    100% agree with this. I personally am of the opinion that updates that hurt nobody that doesn't like them are generally good updates, however with this, it's just simply not a great update.

    I think the feature is ambitious, but it's being pushed way too early, and I think as it stands right now, the trouble it can cause moderators is what's preventing it from achieving its goal. Threads seems to be a way for people to be able to discuss one topic at a time in a large channel where many general conversations happen, so it seems to be more intended for larger communities. At the same time, there's nothing that prevents people from spam creating threads, no efficient way for moderators to continue moderating chats, and so on.. Something that Discord didn't appear to consider at all.

    The feature itself wouldn't be bad if it was implemented well, and I think these problems are mainly down to poor execution and lack of consideration for moderators from Discord, but as it stands right now I'd say it's not even worth turning on because it's just more effort than it's worth.

    Moderators shouldn't have to jump between 100 threads just within one channel in order to try fulfil their role.. Most servers have way more than one channel, too. I feel like at the minute enabling threads just adds on unnecessary amounts of work.

    I feel like this feature would be more efficient if you could see every response to every thread in the same channel the thread was created within. That way moderators would no longer have to keep spending extra time switching between threads to monitor text chat.

  • cryptochrome

    There is a really simple solution for whomever doesn't like to have threads on their server: Turn them off.

    There are two permissions to control this, "Use Public Threads" and "Use Private Threads". Turn those off and voila, threads are gone.



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