Make Threads Exactly Like Slack



  • michael²

    that is a boss idea

  • ghostgames901

    this is a number one victory royal moment right here


  • chemicalivory

    Discord's implementation is actually pretty close to Slack's. They definitely changed some things, some details are better, some are worse. I think in terms of user flow, the biggest difference is archiving, and having to assign a name to a thread before you can type a message.

    I will not argue that not having to assign a name would be easier, and it is definitely disruptive to your train of thought to have to go through the extra window before you can type your message. But, have you ever missed a thread happening in slack? I know I have.

    Discord threads already have a discoverability problem. Creating a thread does not count as posting a message. So, there is no ability to notice a thread was created unless you happen to be mentioned somewhere in the thread, or you happen to look at the channel. For those that want to be notified about absolutely everything for whatever reason, this is a limitation that cannot be overcome.

    Remove the requirement for each thread to have a name, and the thread can't be displayed in the sidebar.  Then the threads you've joined have to be displayed somewhere else. There's no good answer for where to put them at that point. Top of the list? Bottom of the list? Split the pane in two? Slack's sidebar has evolved over time to accomodate a wide mix of content that's dependent on the user. Discord has evolved in a different direction; the sidebar content is dependent on the server. Pros and cons to both.

    Now, I've skipped archiving so far. Discord really needs archiving on threads. Because threads are accessible off the sidebar, and there is no limit on how many threads can be created (and there shouldn't be a limit!), there has to be some way to keep the noise down. Nobody wants to see a 6-month old thread that has no bearing on anything anymore in their channel list. Enter archiving. After a thread isn't relevant anymore, it gets archived, and vanishes from the sidebar. You can still get to it via a longer route, and you can still post to it. But it doesn't take up space anymore. Maybe it's not a perfect solution, but it definitely is one Discord needs to have in this implementation.

    All that said, there is something could do that would probably make your life more pleasant. Instead of copying slack, what if they skipped the extra screen on creating a thread, and kept everything else the same? Generate a random name, pick the max archive timer available, and give you a space to write your message. The thread can be renamed and the timer can be changed later, or left alone.

  • Koalaz

    I personally think that it just needs to be way easier to make a thread by replying, it is so much easier imo. Having to go out of your way to essentially make another text channel just seems weird. 

  • CausticBanjo247

    Imo, making threads pseudo-channels isn't quite the right approach. What I find is that instead of removing spam from channels, making threads new channels contributes to general server clutter. If you have 5 threads going, there are now 5 more channels in the left hand menu and it get's very difficult to find the main channels. A solution could be making threads searching in the search menu, and then just not making them create their own channel. Also archiving is an interesting idea but I think that having threads eternally open is better.


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