Right Click / Context menu broken?



  • Rogue_Doctor

    This is an issue that I've only just noticed today. Any multi-cam call will interrupt the contextual menu when it changes focus to the next person speaking.

  • GayRyan (Ginger)

    I have the same issue, it's absolutely impossible to function as a moderator in a large server while in calls. By the time I've found the item in the menu I need to click, the menu's already closed

  • Ash H.

    we discovered the reasoning as well, but discord staff usually just ask for my client version, tell me to update (which it always is fully updated) and says they will add it to the issue tracker. its not fixed yet, and i reported the issue, initially, back in june of 2021. So they have had plenty of time to fix it, im wondering if its more trouble to fix than its worth to them.


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