Servers should get paid for every boost



  • Venom²

    But what about the people who don't have credit cards, would Discord get the money?

  • Aes

    It should be a choice for the server owners whether they want to enable boosts on their servers or not. Forcing servers to acknowledge boosts is a bit over the top. Ideally server boosts could be toggled on and off. A linked card or paypal account would be necessary to turn boosts on.

    This is just another idea, but it would be cool to also enable linking a charity instead. Same way YouTube has video fundraisers, communities on discord could raise money for good causes. A lot of good could come out of this. But as I mentioned, this is just a another idea.

  • letsCode

    I support that charity idea 100%. That would be a solution for owners who either don't want to connect their creditcard/paypal or don't have these things. Sadly i don't think that discord wants to lose that big source of income.

    Coming to the technical side:

    Not only the money that discord would "lose", also the transfer of the money can be a problem. There is software that can do the tasks but there are a lot of servers who get boosted. That would take a lot of new serverspace to transfer money every single month to a indivisual charity. In order to prevent that high traffic it would make sense to give that feature to big servers only. For example partners, verified communities, etc. .  In that way the traffic would get reduced by alot because there are no(or at least a small abount) of processes for "only" 6$(2 boosts). Discord would still have passive income from smaller communities and higher amounts of money go to various charities. 


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