Feedback on threads, and what's missing



  • Lordinouille

    Hello I agree with everything said in this post, since it has quite a lot of visibility I would like suggest another feature :

    I personally use Discord as a professional tool to organize my team and for todo-lists. I know we are a lot to do this. This thread system is absolutely amazing for dodging overwhelming todo-lists channels and I know I will personally use it to organize the channel by user tasks. This is one simple extra-usage of threads.

    I may be out of subject and since this does not correspond Discord's team vision of threads with Nitro boosting but threads should have unlimited amount of time available before archived for Nitro-boosted servers. Threads will be used for other usages than simple "threads".

    Hope you could add this

    Best regards, Discord is even more amazing now!

  • EddisFargo

    Lots of things here I hadn't come across yet! Great ideas! The one that affected my server members the moment the idea was implemented was the notification settings. Every thread gives a notification for every message, even if the server/channel is set to @ mentions only. It's easy enough to change on a per-thread basis, but having to do the same thing every time seems like an unnecessary hassle when you could just have the channel settings carry over. 

  • RowdyTapestry

    I was surprised to see that the notifications overriding server settings wasn't already reported as a bug.  It's completely absurd that threads don't default to following the server notification settings, this would be the top priority for change for me.

  • EddisFargo

    Agreed! I actually emailed support first to see why I couldn't find a way to change this, and they said it was working as intended, and that if I thought it should be changed I should post/upvote on here. I didn't even know about feedback forums before yesterday. I really hope they listen to the users on this one! It's a decision I really cannot understand. 

  • Kialna

    I'd also like to see a toggle to disable the function. Several of the servers I'm moderator or admin in decided they didn't want the function enabled at all. The only way now to stop the threads from being used is by turning off permissions for every role in every channel. This is a huge hassle if your server has over 3000 people in it and close to 30 roles. 

    It'd be nice if it could just be turned on/off like many of the other settings in Discord.


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