Toggle bot's status to always show online



  • Martin B. ツ

    Yea it would be a nice feature to toggle the online/offline status for a bot in the developer portal.
    I see another reason in this:
    Some bots that are not that big and popular are offline somtimes/sometimes more often and in certain guilds they kick bots if they are offline because they think its not useable anymore or they don't want that offline bot there.
    That would never happen with bots like Dyno or Mee6. There most admins what for it to come back online again but yea thats not the same as small bots.
    I hope its not too bad explained and you know what I mean.

  • Imp

    I would absolutely love for this to be a feature, really don't understand why it isn't.


    If we have an interaction endpoint url, why wouldn't this be enough for a bot to be online already?


    Discord is pinging the URL now and then to prove it's still up, so it would make sense for me


    If I'm making a bot that only supports slash commands - whats the point of running an instance of the bot just to get it to show online?

  • Adam Grady

    Its been a year, any update on this?

    It is entirely possible to host bots strictly via interactions and no way to set the bot's status?


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