Threads: Auto-join all threads.



  • TwinMinds

    I feel like this is particularly important from an admin/moderator standpoint.  Currently new threads can be created and go unnoticed unless you actively join the thread, potentially leaving moderators out of the loop on active conversations they should probably be moderating.

    The thread creation notice can be deleted to further hide active threads, leaving only two places to see an active thread.  A moderator would have to be actively clicking the thread button at the top to see which threads are active and then join them to get activity notifications.

  • coppereyecat

    The notification setting for threads should default to the parent channel in any and all situations until the user changes it themselves. 

  • redeux

    Auto-join threads should be an option for servers you moderate at a minimum, if not configurable on a server-to-server basis for any user (moderator or not). At the moment it is incredibly frustrating trying to moderate threads. 

  • The Girl Reading This

    I got frustrated with this and added a preference to Fletcher to auto-add a specified list of moderators (defaulting to the server owner) to threads created in channels that those users are in. But honestly, Discord, this should have been thought through better - one should not need a bot just to do this.


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