Discord Nitro on a deleted account?



  • godlien

    Well, if you wanna delete your account and have your credit card info in there then you can simply first delete your credit card info by going to "Billing" in user settings then click "Edit" and finally click "Delete Payment Method" and your saved credit card info will be deleted (Means discord will not have it) and then you can delete your account. 

    I hope it helps you :) 

  • Sophia Ackerman

    Well, I would do that, but Discord has disabled my account for violating the ToS.
    I didn't ask them to reactivate my account. I just asked them to remove my credit card info for me.
    After waiting for 4 days for a reply, all I got was an automated reply, saying that they wouldn't reinstate my account. Totally irrelevant to what I asked them.
    So instead, I thought of asking them to delete the account for me, in hopes that by doing so, my credit card info would automatically be removed as well.
    That's why I wanted to ask what happens to your credit card info if you delete your account.


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