Button "active threads" in channels list doesn't look very good



  • Two

    I was just about to point this out.

    This is literally one of the main things I don't really like about Guilded.

    Discord is probably copying Guilded, so they could get people who left Discord to use Guilded to come back.

    If Discord is going to keep this, please at least add a way to hide it.

  • SchnozBott

    The '#Active Threads' link also cannot be moved (not even by server admins), or hidden/muted by anyone. It's in the way of our server design and an unnecessary addition to the Threading feature. It also needs to have the option to be disabled for servers that don't want it.

  • Brumbpo

    I'd love to be able to get rid of this. It's pointless, and it's super messy because it shows all threads in an entire server regardless of channel or anything. 

  • chitinlink

    Ideally it'd be a UI element separate from the channel list. If it has to stay there, I wish I could at least move it around so more important things are above it. Same thing for the new "Events" feature they've just rolled out


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