Discord is ruining my life.



  • Kisnem

    Bro you aight? You need to talk to someone?

  • soapinch

    Hi Bad Volt

    I am feeling the same. Started being active on discord just a couple of days ago and I noticed getting very nervous and sad and unfocused. I always check my discord and servers. I think I will try to disengage from all servers. Maybe you could try that too Bad Volt. It also seems like you should talk with someone. Here is a link with various helplines worldwide:


    search for your country with ctrl+f and type in your country. then you dont have to scroll through everything.

    Wishing you a lot of courage and hope


  • StygianInk

    Having an addiction to a platform has nothing to do with said platform. I regret to inform you that Discord is not responsible for your addiction. If you're suffering depression or anxiety, maybe you need to change your life style. Step away from Discord and go for a walk, appreciate the fresh air or some sunlight. I know Covid-19 makes it difficult for people to get out and go around, but there's no reason why you can't step away from your screen and find something to do. Don't blame Discord for your addiction, and don't try to ruin it for the millions of other people who love to use the platform. Get some help should you need it, only you can deal with your own addiction, that's not the responsibility of others!

    Sending you good wishes!


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