Discord app for pc



  • Luci

    im on discord linux on i3, i checked my stats and the ram usage is still only 2 GB, could the windows and the linux versions have entirely separate builds? i don't see the excessive ram usage part on my end bc im typing this on chromium.

  • StygianInk

    Windows has an extremely high overhead. Their OS alone is over 30 Gig, where as Linux is only about 1 Gig. The issue could be with Windows itself and their OS, not necessarily Discord.

  • asy

    dont see why its built with electron , ye i get it , jus discord core with some adjusted ui but still javascript in general is really bad + most of discords user base is either on mac / windows / mobile and all of them have a high head room ye but why js html + css , its pretty obvious that electron is a memory hog , it uses 300mb to 100mb depending on how many servers your in and you use or memorly leaks 


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