Threads shouldn't require names



  • carlosdp.eth

    Yea it would be great if thread names were optional, I'd like to just create threads with one click. This is really important as companies move to using Discord to be closer to their community, coming from Slack. The barrier to creating threads needs to be as low as possible in order for channels to remain readable when there is a lot of active conversation going on!

  • Douglas Lassance

    Totally agree, having to come up with a good name for a thread requires too much thinking and in turn, makes me go for much simpler replies as well. I understand that it makes things neat that threads can be named in the left sidebar but maybe there should be at least a default value such as the message ID.

  • zenmike

    Why can I not just reply to start a thread? That would make using Discord a MUCH better experience for me. That's a great feature in Slack that I hope you implement.

  • Spice

    Agree! If a name is required, it should atleast default to the content of the message that was used to create the thread. Sometimes I don't have a name for a thread and it's super annoying that I have to type something anyways.

  • CLY

    What I heard the title is need it to display it under the channel list. What I suggest: Make the title optional and only show "New Active Threads" under the channel if there is new one and it will link to the threads list instead. With that people can see all active threads for that channel.


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