Keep Thread #links after they're Archived



  • Strato Junon

    Seconding this. The threads could be used as a really convenient way to format information channels but this kinda ruins it. 

  • Lilac❄Syringa🌸

    Thirding this. Additionally, unless you reload the link still works even if it archived not rly relevant though.

    You can still view an archived thread even if your not a mod so it's a really good way to organize a neat format without being a giant block of text so I hope they improve this.

  • Strato Junon

    There is a sort of workaround. You can link to an archived thread with the channel (or in this case thread) ID. you can find this by enabling dev mode in discord and then right clicking the thread. then you do this. <#"CHANNELID"> so <#872109057773805590> for example. The second you put that in to discord it'll become a link. (it will say deleted channel for you). This link SHOULD work for archived threads, doesn't even require you to join the thread. But YMMV (your mileage may vary)

  • AkiraJkr

    If it were so simple....

  • Alphonsokurukuchu

    I support this, should be very useful

  • Vars

    Yes. We cannot utilize threads to their full potential if the links don't stay active after the thread is archived.

  • TyrionLionstar

    This feature is highly needed! This doesn't look good:
    As workaround, I used the direct link to the creation message of a thread.

  • worMatty

    I wish to separate non-essential server information into threads within my dedicated rules channel. This would make it easier for me to communicate the most important information to members (the rules) without losing their attention. In a way, the channel would be like a book, and the threads like pages. But as the image in this item of feedback shows, archived thread links are not cached, so I would need to keep extending their auto archive time to keep the links alive.

    I would also love to be able to have a permanent link to some threads for special topics of discussion, as they look much more attractive and professional than a URL 😛

  • artocalypse

    I also support the implementation of this.  I use threads as useful snippet cards which I can link to throughout the server.  

    It's annoying seeing them turn into #deleted channel after a week

  • Julie Mary

    Pretty pleeease! Is this happening?

    I can see the name of archived threads now on desktop (PC) which... YAAAY! But now mobile (Android) says "#Unknown". 


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