"Wave to say hi!" should be disable-able for servers



  • gingerbeardman

    Yes, please let us switch this off.

    It's already enough of a battle trying to stem the overuse of GIFs and Memes never mind encouraging use of Stickers.

    I am trying to run a grown-up, civilised server promoting real conversations and these stickers do not reflect our server values.

  • Melodia

    Yeah, this is absolutely an eyesore. Why does Discord do these things? GIVE US AN OPTION. Don't just shove it in people's faces and expect them to accept it.

  • ЯрRus

    a couple of waving stickers cover all the screen and the quality of discussion drops drastically

  • Duke Corgi

    Definitely an annoying new addition, please put it back the way it was....



  • bror.00

    The animated stickers are not even thematically appropriate for our community! We are not a bunch of kids who might be interested in this silly characters bouncing around the screen so they add insult to injury!

  • rabidkevin

    Please let server owners disable this feature. It is unwanted and more importantly not actually being used by anyone my server but clutters up the screen.

  • Oystein

    I totally agree. Give us an option to disable this.

  • ana | gmt

    Please, let us de-activate this feature. It's super disruptive to actual conversations happening in the server, which are suddenly interrupted by an avalanche of animated gifs.

  • itsclipping

    Please stop creating worse user experiences and cramming these new unwanted 'Features' down our throats with not even a simple option or toggle for on/off. Also stickers can only be 1 size, RIDICULOUSLY HUGE? Stickers are just awful. Make them resizable please, I'd rather just not have them (And moreso as per this thread: Your stupid 'wave' spam button when somebody joins that you've forced upon us now.)

  • Amp

    Waiting for a new permission - if there would be a button, but there would be no sticker-spam -- it's OK =)

  • LC

    extremely annoying, we get it, you want to sell ur sh*tty nitro, but stop shoving it everywhere.

  • Thorinair

    +1 for this, it is incredibly annoying and disruptive. I thought of moving the join notifications to a different channel where people simply can't reply to it, but that removes the chance of people actually saying hi to the new person.

  • Pr. Timo1898

    You can prevent it by taking the rights to react to messages in the specific channel for roles of your choice, this works for me as I have my welcome-messages in a separate channel anyways.
    But if you have your welcome-messages embedded in your general-chat there is no way of disabling it without taking normal reactions out of the chat completely.
    Would be great if normal reactions and welcome-reactions would be considered different things and be customizable separately

  • arvidurs

    Please add the option to disable the "Wave to say Hi" Stickers when users join. It's highly disruptive and discourages members to actually write an introduction. This is really becoming a very bad user experience and needs to be addressed right away. 

  • arvidurs

  • arvidurs

    This is happening all the timing and clogging up the whole stream. It's a really bad thing to add. 

  • kagome2021

    This should be an option available to server owners not something that is mandated to them. I do not like it all, or if we have to have make it so it is customizable. 

  • Nerdzilla

    This honestly feels insulting, having a feature like this forced onto us.

  • Grant

    "wave to say hi" is one of the worst new forced feature. I had to turn off welcome messages entirely. How do I turn off this extremely useless oversized waving gif? I'm not 12 years old. I need to maintain a professional looking server so I can offer quality technical support to my users. But this new forced ugliness is ruining my server theme. 

    I unsubscribed from Nitro and will not give Discord any money until the "wave to say hi" is removed or options added to disable it.

  • Venus

    I agree with the post :), 

    Please check out my post aswell it is on the same idea with Threads: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4410763524631-Option-to-hide-Active-Threads-from-channel-and-poll-from-the-thread-s-channel

  • Sams_Here

    The 'wave to say hi' is the equivalent of Teletubbies* for Discord. It is mind-numbing, it dumbs-down the server, and it creates a feeling of a children's romper-room.  It is not cute. I'm embarrassed for new members joining our server. At the very least, this should be a toggle-on/off feature. Although, judging by the comments here, it should just go away.

    Signed, Server booster who $upports Discord.


  • dang

    If I could find a way to stab this in the heart with a silver fork, I would. Please remove this obtrusive and ugly eye dirt, or at least allow individual servers to turn it off.

  • ZZZ

    Discord is great.

    Yet this new "Wave to say hi!" needs to be removed immediately.

    No one asked for it. No one needs it. It's truly terrible and whoever approved of this UI change needs to get demoted because they're not good at their job. 

  • Phlarx

    I'd rather wave around facts, than insults.

    Facts are that nearly every server that I am a part of, that used to have welcome messages in general chat, have done one of the following in direct response to the wave-stickers:
    - Move welcome messages to a dedicated channel, where all other messages (stickers and otherwise) are disallowed
    - Disable welcome messages entirely

    Both of these are work-arounds. Work-arounds are not solutions.

  • 9lives

    Unsubscribed from Nitro because of this. I encourage all users to do the same, stop giving money to such an undeserving company.

    Discord needs to stop forcing features on servers, especially embarrassing features like this. It is making new users who join my server leave immediately. I have no respect for you anymore Discord. Give me my money back.

  • Marsh 2.0

    Yes, please add option for disable. In my situation, we use the welcome channel to grab the names of new server members to personally welcome them. All this wasted space and "forced cutesy" isn't useful nor welcoming.

  • salvage

    This is ghost ping hell.

  • Vael Victus

    I'm sorry to be crass, but this feature is big stupid doodoo.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Discord 101 - add a new feature that has any ability at all to spam or annoy others, and make sure it can't be configured by server owners. This is just the most recent example of their terrible UI/UX design.

    I'm still waiting for the ability to set pings on replies to off by default instead of on, so I doubt Discord will ever actually address this - and they know their decisions are all bad lately because they've completely locked down the subreddit for the entire month because they couldn't handle negative feedback from the community.

  • Oriomium

    Waving to say hi isn't actually a bad feature, at the end of the day. It might help on small servers, just as a fun and casual way of saying hello to people. However, on larger servers, it's obviously a major issue. Adding a feature to disable the waving on a particular server (or even a particular channel) would help tremendously to cut down on the spam it creates. Even on servers that aren't tremendously large, it would be very helpful to be able to disable the feature if it detracts from the server's atmosphere. Discord's slogan is "Imagine a place," and right now I am imagining a place where this particular feature is toggleable.


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