Remove location detection



  • Athena was here

    "Security is important, but the Location feature is only for a very specific scenario, when someone is able to both know someone's password and there gmail."

    Yes, yes it is.

    Reason: Because humans tend to use the same passwords over and over again, another thing is that account breaches can happen with a recent one being Epik.

    Most people are not security experts nor do they have any interest in security, hence they may not be aware of what a password manager might be, or how you should not use passwords that you've used before on another system or service.

    What could be done to reduce to frustration is to disable the feature if you have 2FA enabled (with an authentication app and not via email) as it would mean that the person entering would actually be you.

    TLDR: Yes otherwise accounts will be compromised like no tomorrow.

  • Jacob Universe

    Maybe just have the location thing as an 'Optional' Feature?


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