Discord app for Android keep crashing after update.



  • Tangent

    I had to delete cache and app storage and log back in. It worked for me after that. However, yes you shouldn't need to do this after an update -_-

  • SaraIsenhour KS

    Same situation, I've tried restarting phone, deleting and reinstalling discord and resetting my password...still says "unknown network error" when I try to login..

  • Fawfulcopter

    Android 7.0, also had this problem of the Discord app crashing instantly whenever I opened it.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. After that, the problem graduated to "An unknown network error has occurred" when attempting to sign in.

    Going into Settings > Apps > Application Manager > Discord > Storage and selecting Clear Data to delete all cached data allowed me to sign in again.


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