Implement reporting directly in the app



  • mvtxx

    This is already on mobile, but it would be so nice to have it on pc too

  • Castor

    My concern is the ease at which we can report other users. You see it in games—support teams end up ignoring ridiculous volumes of in-game reports (if not all of it) simply because people can so easily point fingers. You could offload a lot of the moderation work to AI (I don't just mean auto-response bots), sure, but you'll still need to invest in that (which is expensive if you do it properly) and you'll still need staff to deal with appeals and whatnot and generally maintain and make sure it works properly.

    At the moment, PC-only users have to take their issues here. The extra steps aid in thinking twice about it, I think. I think if I had ready access to a report button then I'd be a lot more strict with what I personally consider to be 'acceptable' content and I'd end up being more trigger-happy, as it were. I think that's a major part of cancel culture as a whole, actually—give people easy means to and they'll be more likely to try and impose their beliefs and opinions at the expense of yours. Slightly tangential, but I believe it's related.


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