Scheduled Events should display Time Zone



  • Kami

    Display the local timezone in these locations.

  • mekamode

    Showing timezone for events would be helpful!

  • Maikl Teichmann

    Agreed! Just set up my first event and it's not clear to anyone what time zone it should be. Especially for online events this is important. Having a server "default time zone" would be nice too.

  • Maikl Teichmann

    Oh and recurring events would be a nice feature!

  • PHUNSTER | WallStreetDads

    So seriously, what is the timezone of the event?

    Do I put in the local time of where I'm at and Discord converts it for others?

  • Maikl Teichmann

    That does seem to be the case, Phunster.

  • Millie McGee

    Wasn't the case for my event. 


  • purple

    Why is this still not solved?
    The problem wouldn't exist if it simply told us that "it's UTC+0, figuring out the rest is your job."
    Introducing listening to my timezone made the feature much worse.
    Srsly, why is the time of my location is a variable? Some developer had to work on that for some reason! I understand that my location is saved for security reasons, but why why deal with my timezone?
    (In case someone's developing a clock for discord to show time, my device already come with a pretty accurate clock.)

    Sorry for the snappy response, but it's infuriating to see someone work passionately on something that makes something objectively worse.

  • Imnotgivingmynametoyou

    Just tested it, the date and time does adjust automatically with your system settings (on Windows anyway) i changed the set time on my PC and it did change what time was being displayed on the invite, so the times will be local for anyone viewing on windows (assuming their system time is set correctly)

  • worMatty

    The times displayed to users are local to them, taking into account conversion from a time zone. Displaying the time zone would cause more confusion. Surely displaying an event's scheduled start time in a client's own local time is less confusing?

    e.g. If I am in UTC+0 and schedule an event for 1600 my time, a user in UTC+2 will see the event start time as 1800 their time.


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