allow the OWNER OF A SERVER to use animated emojis without discord nitro



  • ♥duck♥

    This is actually a good idea,

    I feel like this would be very complicated though and people might complain.




  • rockycanyons

    I like the concept of that idea, however, I think it should be a permission thing. At least from my perspective. Being owner makes it exclusive to the crown. In other words, shouldn't managers also be able to do it (If you are like a bigger server yk)?

  • rockycanyons

    I feel like it's really complicated due to things. I like the concept but there are many drawbacks to this idea.

  • ⋆。˚cypress • ☽

    this kinda makes sense for like making messages with server info and you wanna have those animated emojis, but you could just have a bot post it for you 


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