Please for the love of god stay away from the NFT trashfire



  • whisp

    Disappointed. I am in a quite a few Level 2 servers that are looking on alternatives right now. For how "Woke" discord has tried to be this is truth that they don't give a shit about the environment, about artists, or about equity for their userbase. If this moves forward, I understand Discord has to do what Discord has to do for themselves, but I and my communities will have to cancel our nitro subscriptions and move to a different platform. I wish Discord the best in this, but its a slap in the face for the years I have supported them. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative platforms? 

  • nerdwithaknife4

    NFTs are horrible for the planet, a scam, and many other bad things. Don't do this. I have cancelled my Nitro subscription and urge others to do the same. Emojis aren't worth this.

  • Grundma

    I am extremely disappointed to see discord moving towards NFT support. If this is implemented I will be migrating to other platforms. NFTs are extremely wasteful and serve no purpose beyond greed. I urge you to reconsider 

  • Rav

    Created my own thread, but posting here too since this is the big one.

    Blockchain technologies are an overcomplicated and inefficient solution to problems that either don't exist, have other solutions, or it doesn't actually solve. All at the cost of unnecessary amounts of energy and hardware resources. On top of this has been built a system of scams, tax avoidance, and money laundering. To quote Jackson Palmer "cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built primarily to amplify the wealth of its proponents through a combination of tax avoidance, diminished regulatory oversight and artificially enforced scarcity."

    By introducing integration with blockchain technology in any form, Discord is showing support for all of this. The feedback here is clear that the vast majority of the userbase does not want it, and the few that do are engaging in personal attacks and transphobic rhetoric. Are those the people you want to throw in with, Discord?

  • Rebecca

    Implementing anything based on Blockchain technology is a horrible idea and I’m appalled to learn that you’re that careless. I’ve already canceled my nitro subscription and I’ll stop using discord altogether if you go through with this.

  • TBG

    Do not add NFTs to your service. Why anyone would even want any is beyond me considering how useless they are. Not to mention that uselessness is actively destroying our climate. I will never again buy discord nitro and encourage all of my friends to do the same if you add NFTs to your program.

  • joshua

    To echo other users, if you start using pointless, energy guzzling blockchain tech and NFTs, I will stop using Discord.

  • babezoi

    gonna hit this (hopefully reversible) development with a solid "no thank you". im cancelling nitro and already looking into discord alternatives. someone will certainly accommodate the smart folk who jump ship from this dumpster fire of an idea.

  • Ruenis

    jumping onto a band wagon you don't understand just because other companies are jumping onto a band wagon THEY don't understand does not make you cool and hip with the right people you think you're appealing to. as a pixel artist i've gotten increasingly concerned my artwork will be stolen by NFT scams. i don't make money off my own art as it is; imagine supporting people who regularly steal artwork from other people and make thousands off of it when the original and actual artist makes literally nothing. not only are you spitting in artist's faces, you're hurting the environment in ways you don't understand whilst trying to appeal to a crowd that wants 'NFT support' because they want to launder money and not pay taxes on artwork. no one is winning here except for awful people, who, again, regularly steal artwork and damage the environment 

  • Bunker

    If you guys go ahead with the NFT stuff, I am more than happy to talk to the various communities that I am in into migrating back to TeamSpeak and forums.

    If you're so happy and willing to piss away all your goodwill into the oncoming wind, we're more than happy to leave you to soak alone.

  • Tyvani

    I’m livid that I just bought a year’s worth of nitro and can’t have a bigger impact in taking my money back at this news. I’ve already begun looking for ethical alternatives to your service in preparation for your full integration of this, at which point I will be encouraging all of my current Discord contacts to join me in leaving. It’s absolutely despicable that you would ever consider integrating NFTs and cryptocurrencies to your platform despite the arguments against them AND the sheer mass of people that oppose them. Rethink your decision IMMEDIATELY before you begin a mass exodus like Yahoo! incited with Tumblr.

  • shinichizio

    Seconded. (Or like 153rded, but whatever.)

  • evol

    nft's are such hot garbage.
    i already cancelled my nitro, and i'm contemplating moving my community off discord as well, but the problem is with how it's set up, requires a lot of discord specific features :\
    would be very interested to hear about where others are moving to! and if any of you know about a group chatting program that has similar functionality to discord, and isn't paid. don't suggest matrix, they're also partnered with crypto companies.

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Adding my own voice to the many many comments on this highest-ranking no-NFTs complaint post: Don't integrate this crap crypto and NFT nonsense. The joke 'surveys' were blatant attempts to manipulate reponse data, very clearly biased studies, and cannot be treated as legitimate userbase surveys. Just because the CEO decided he cares more about a quick trend buck than the literal sustainability of our planet, the cost to ordinary people scammed by the many malicious NFT and crypto brokers who are in it for profit and to hurt ordinary folks, and the reliance on an incredibly unsustainable, scam-based fake economy than he cares about the entire discord userbase doesn't mean discord needs to follow his instructions and tank themselves into the grave.

    I've already cancelled my Nitro and have encouraged my friends to do the same.

    Discord: if you do this, you will lose everything you've built up. Everything. Your userbase will leave you. This is a guarantee.

  • sparrow

    Reiterating the opposition to supporting cryptocurrency or NFTs in any capacity. 

    For people inquiring about tools like Discord: Slack's Free tier will not work for my use cases, which involve sending lots and lots of text-based messages across various channels and needing to search through them periodically. They have recently rolled out better voice/video chat integrations, though, if that's your thing, and the Pro edition does allow searching back. 

    Zulip is an open-source messaging system influenced by MIT's Zephyr - the same Eighties instantaneous messaging system that inspired IRC, AIM, Twitter, and arguably the entire concept of social media. Zulip's Free tier runs into the same problems as Slack's, but you can self-host it or pay-per-user to have it hosted. I used to be one of their user/testers on iOS, and I can confirm that dev team is neither credulous marks nor cryptocurrency jackasses. (You will have to set up Zoom or other third-party integration to get video calls on it, though.) 

  • Plothole Tsi

    Hey Discord whoever the hell needs to see it: I will not be renewing my Nitro subscription until you officially state you will not be supporting NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain, or other wasteful useless bullshit with the money I give you. If this continues, I'm going to have to jump ship to Guilded or Slack or something else.

    Also seriously, you turned away Microsoft's 10-billion dollar bid for NFT bullshit? You're NOT noble.

  • SteelDrake

    Y'all are gonna see a huge uptick in account theft if you integrate any part of crypto nonsense into Discord. I'm glad I didn't get any Nitro while I thought about it if y'all are gonna do this shit. I hope this loaded af survey isn't real.

  • Aces


    I'm a computer security professional (software engineer). Don't do this, Discord. It's just a bad idea in every way that matters and a number of ways that don't.

  • Bossabot

    I really have no idea where the extremely negative, anti-NFT common consensus originated from. NFTs widen the monetary options of artists and are not inherently bad in any way. It's the way they are used that can make them seem negative. If discord has a good way of implementing NFTs then I am all for it! 

  • ahiijny

    Bossabot in my social circles at the very least, most of our exposure to NFTs have been shady people  and scammers. Random strangers coming in trying to make NFTs of other people's art, other people's tweets, other people's content. Rampant art theft, and so on.

    For example, DeviantArt recently launched an AI-powered tool to see if any of your arts have been taken without permission to be sold on marketplaces, and THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM.

    Recently, I've also seen a trend of Japanese artists on Twitter receiving scam phishing emails along the lines of a "A community infringement has been detected on a post in your acct and if you think community infringement is wrong, you must provide feedback, otherwise your acc will be closed by the system" (it's less obvious it's fake to people whose native languages aren't English), and then having their accounts hacked and transformed into NFT/crypto shilling accounts. It's really obvious because you have things like a twitter account that really liked drawing Remilia and tweeted only in Japanese suddenly tweeting in English shilling some kind of shady coin or other, and with all their previous tweets being deleted.

    I have no doubt there are artists out there with no ill intentions who just want to explore NFTs as another revenue stream. It's perfectly understandable. But the very nature of how NFTs are used makes it highly attractive for scammers and all sorts of other shady people looking to rip people off. It just completely poisons the waters to the point where I can't trust anything that has anything to do with NFTs at all.

    And that's not even getting into the environmental concerns of NFT and crypto in general (of which there are many).

  • MozarteanChaos

    NFTs are honestly just a worse version of something we already had. want fully custom art? NFTs don't often give you that, and also, commissions have been a thing for years. want to own some art? order a print. want to sell some art you bought? if the artist is okay with it, you could sell that print you ordered. (and if the artist isn't okay with it, you shouldn't be trying to do that in the first place!) want to sell some art you made? YCHs, prints, adoptables, ordinary commissions, etc. etc.

    the only change NFTs make is that 1: your ownership is even less concrete, and 2: it harms the environment.

    there's no benefit.

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