DIscord NFTs - Only thing that will keep me as a user.



  • BriPM

    L we don't want scammers here anyway

  • Discovery

    oh fr? huge W for us then

  • Ornst3in

    obvious brigading by suspicious accounts. They claim 'environmental damage' with no backing behind the argument

  • wolvykasu

    not sure I get the text, pardon my french (literaly)

    I think NFTs are bad mostly because it's not good for the environment and the fact that the electricity it consume is made mostly from petrol.

    also adding Meta to the lot is also a bad Idea. Anything related to mark zuckerberg is something that suck so hard on your informations that it should be illegal. (seriously why does facebook need to access my medical informations for their stuff ? )

  • Unimpressively

    Lol go home then bucko! We don't want you here anyways

  • Kawaii4eva

    lol cope harder

  • tweene

    if this isnt bait/satire i will lose my mind

  • callie on little cat feet.


  • nutbuster

    L not sorry that you dumped your money into a png with almost zero value beyond emotional

  • JurassicRaptor

    mine now

  • quail egg

    Inflating claims made by concerned users about the environmental impacts of blockchain to "the entire rainforest being burned down" is a very reasonable stance to take, yes. It certainly isn't a purposeful move to delegitimize several articles being shared about how massive the energy usage of blockchain is and how it is a detriment to climate progress. 

    Dude, no one cares if your pfp is the original pixels of the original jpeg of anything unless you made it yourself. People just care if it looks cool. What's it matter if it's 'verified' as the original or not. It looks the same as any screenshot. There's a reason classical art sells for so much. Because you can't copy it stroke for stroke. 


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