Meltdown from middle IQ simps alone is worth adding Crypto



  • nutbuster

    tbh it really seems like you lot are the ones melting down by how much youre defending it like its really just sad at this point, imagine making repeated cope posts just because a bunch of people think your scam is stupid and are publicly voicing that your scam is stupid and harmful

  • MistyMountainHigh

    The only ones COPING hard are your dozen alts brigading this feedback forum begging discord lmao. COPE HARDER

    Your fiat scam is more stupid. Ask the people of Venezuela or Zimbabwe or Nigeria or now Afghanistan how their currency has been devalued by central banks. But sure, you simps dont even understand what you are talking about, so intellectual discussions on the topic fly way above the middle bell curve intelligence you are capable of demonstrating. 

  • nutbuster

    this is just sad, reblog if you hope this guys puppy comes home

  • Lune ☄‧⁺ ✩‧₊˚

    why is the NFTbro tactic to always deflect tho...

    "sorry plebians you can't handle my rock solid intellect so I wont waste my time with humoring you. I type with proper grammar so clearly im the upper class here. muwahahha"

    then goes on to waste several hours making the same cringy self pat on the back posts thinking u just epic owned the lesser minds and log back into ur NFTbro forums when you gargle the same buttpats to each other thinking you're in the elite club of little 'soon to be millionaires'

  • Ciputts

    God, the cringe in the way NFT supports typie is just... bad.

    Do you guys MEAN to sound so unfathomablely brain-injured when you speak- or is it just a product of being not fully developed?

  • Memento Mori

    hey misty im sorry your dad didnt hug you enough as a child but therapy is much more affordable and helpful than your overpriced dollmaker-styled images so i hope you weigh those pros and cons at some point! i love you <3

  • MistyMountainHigh

    Im sorry all you weird kids got dropped on the floor, but CONTINUE CRYING.. Discord has already added Ethereum support on certain servers, so nothing you do is gonna change that lmao.


  • CollieWolf

    Reblog reblog reblog reblog @ wizard reblog reblog reblog reblog I feel so bad for this guys dog! Maybe they ran away for a reason though this person doesn’t seem very responsible! If they want to planet to die then I worry about how they treated their dog :0(

  • MistyMountainHigh

    plAnEt diE REEEEEEEE lmaooo so comical 

  • nutbuster

    were not the ones crying bro take this L you might need it in the coming days this is just getting sadder

  • Memento Mori

    once again misty: i implore you to look into therapy for some of those anger issues you have and maybe some issues you havent even shared or realized yet cause theres definitely something going on and im worried about you

    wishing you all the best though! ily <3

  • mothiraffe

    Are you the same misty that spent weeks arguing on the Neopets forums in favor of NeoNFTs by chance? You both had 'misty' in your name and you both talk like pseudo-intellectual edgelords having a Death Note tumblr RP. Either way, cringe is dead for everyone except you good buddy.

  • quail egg

    Oh yeah because condescending and insulting what appears to be, based on the feedback you're getting, the majority of Discord's clientele is exactly how you "create the future". 

    Also don't bring impoverished countries into this as if you care, as if they're not going to be the ones first impacted by the environmental damage of crypto.  

  • Mztea



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