Integrate ETH and NFT and here is why



  • sigkill

    ratio, crypto is garbage and does not belong on a communication app

  • Gepedrglass

    Take the L and go

  • autumn ♡

    Ah, and yet all Crypto NFTs I've ever seen has been stolen work from artists who did not consent to their work being made into a digital, useless token! Yeah, right. 

  • mothiraffe

    "These things are bad so my bad thing is fine!" is still a garbage take, friend.

  • waddle_midori

    No thank you

  • quail egg

    "Another service (THAT FEEDS PEOPLE AND KEEPS THEM ALIVE) harms the environment which means we get to as well for personal profit we don't have to make" do you hear yourself rn. Pointing to some other thing that has multiple reform movements working to make it more sustainable, in a realm completely unrelated to Crypto is asinine. 

  • dinosprout

    No. Very, very few artists have actually benefited from NFTs. Do you actually follow artists on their socials to see how much they hate this garbage? Their work is being stolen and tokenized without their consent, those that tokenize their own work can’t get them sold, and most people actually making these things aren’t actual artists at all, just tech bros playing with Photoshop and MS paint. I’ve even seen a couple instances of artists signing contracts with people who intentionally hid that they were going to mint the artist’s work. Said artists would not have signed the contracts otherwise and got screwed over. From top to bottom, NFTs are slimey grifts. Discord should not tie its name to them.


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