Please DO integrate NFTs. The metaverse is the future.



  • quail egg

    WHY do y'all sound like you're coming out of a dystopian novel it's genuinely a little distressing. 

  • Prethor

    quail egg Why do you sound like you've not enough braincells to understand crypto?

  • alrightyaphrodite

    you’re a dumby person, rethink your values or start eating good food so we may eat you chomp

  • quail egg

    Prethor is your only defense calling people stupid. I understand what crypto is just fine. I just don't think it's worth the environmental costs. Do you not have the depth to consider the world around you before your own personal profits? 

  • Prethor

    quail egg You clearly know nothing about crypto or NFTs but have already made up your mind. You're the definition of stupid, how else should I call you?

  • alrightyaphrodite

    hot people stay winning, you’re not hot, you are ugly. little sewer man. stinky smelly ewww

  • pa

    The metaverse is literally from a dystopian book, why would you want that as the future

  • OsirisDrakanos

    Obvious troll account is obvious.  Every comment from this profile across multiple threads is just a reiteration of the same negative message.  Let's just hope the Discord devs don't take them seriously......


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