NFT and Ethereum integration is awesome!



  • squeakymoose

    They should stop using Twitter with their logic, because they enabled Bitcoin payments and they take up way more energy than Ethereum does and ever will in the entirety of its life.

  • acecipher

    Man if the biggest fascists you've seen are the people complaining about crypto I can tell you never go on political servers, and see the holocaust denial--or holocaust celebration.


    Also, really funny since I minimize meat consumption, can't afford a car, and take the train (like, Amtrak exists). But even still that means nothing to you; setting goalposts around personal accountability does nothing when the systems we have actively encourage the rampant destruction of all in an unending cycle of greed.

    Sorry I can't just opt out of capitalism. I guess I'm just not dedicated enough.

  • waddle_midori

    Good luck for your tax evasion

  • quail egg

    "You'll eat meat, drive a gas car, and fly in airplanes" listing near necessities and quality of life things that are legitimately used for something to attempt and defend essentially fake money that creates more emissions than I could hope to in a year is ridiculous and you know it. "Moving to" is not "environmentally friendly" and even if they used green energy, it would be a waste of our green resources that we could use to provide sustainable and cheaper electricity to people in their homes. 

    You crypto jocks think everyone is "insecure" and wants to be you when we just want y'all to stop. 

  • Violet Violence

    You dense motherf*ckers wouldn't know what fascism looks like if it slapped you in the face. Shush.

  • mothiraffe

  • doodlemancy

    i still remember the day the sky was red here last year, and the week after where it was piss-yellow. unbreathable. it hurt your eyes just to be outside. a few months later the worst (and really, only) ice storm i've ever seen in my life knocked out our power for days. i sat up all night, terrified, cut off from communication with other people, and listened to the sound of trees crashing to the ground and transformers exploding outside. there was no cell service because the cell towers were knocked out too. it was terrifying.

    climate change will come for you too, and you're needlessly contributing to it.

  • Antti___

    Discord is already lousy with scammers trying to exploit people using crypto/NFTs, officially supporting those would just make the problem even worse.

  • mqole

    yeah i dont have much to add that these other comments have already said except that it sounds like you have no idea what fascism actually is and are using buzzwords to try and sound smarter

  • Crypto Niggro

    Crypto is the future! 

  • Crypto Niggro

    To the moon!




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