it's not about nfts



  • thislittlelog (FR Artemis01)

  • Kawaii4eva

    So just because something else is bad for the environment, means we should allow more bad things for the environment? Cuz everything's a loss anyway? You don't even wanna try to save the plant?? Sounds pretty lazy and pathetic to me.

  • nutbuster

    cope harder

  • Fuzbrain

    Give examples of what can't be done without ethereum, that isn't useless. Also nfts, no matter what way I've heard them spun, are still terrible. So I just want to make it clear, that even if by chance there's one thing worthwhile about ethereum, I don't want nfts to be anywhere near me.

  • Gol

    So why are you not out posting on walmart boards to shut them down? Xmas lights and dryers need more power than ethereum. Where's the outrage? What ethereum offers is worth the energy. You should learn about it. 

  • Kawaii4eva

    There is outrage, specially with the horrible fresh food dumbing. You're not even trying.

  • Roxis

    These environmental takes are incredibly intellectually dishonest and show you will never intend to have real honest discourse in the topic.

  • dvanw6

    Etherium is a scam that you crypto bros wished would make you rich. Etherium has had environmental issues for years, like hell we're gonna believe a bunch of scammers that they're gonna "fix it" in 6 months, they hope we forget in 6 months.You cant trust etherium or any crypto, they're less stable then normal money, something that can become worthless in a day isnt stable or better. With Crypto, someone always loses, thats why its called a scam.


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