imagine being born at the right time and still missing out on the biggest wealth transfer event in generations because someone with pronouns in their bio that you've never met IRL told you crypto was bad



  • blackpillchungus

    so true!

  • quail egg

    omg transphobia is going to make discord know I'm on their side because I'm cool and edgy. I'm not like other girls. Once again, it's giving 2012 was my prime and I can't handle society moving on

  • autumn ♡

    so you peaked in high school is that right

  • MistyMountainHigh

    quail egg, cry more please. REEE LOOK MAMA soCiEtY mOvEd oN.. it got 2 more new pronouns. Lmao what a NPC clown

  • Nucleoric

    you like wealth transfer? i have a JPEG of a bridge to sell you....

  • [[ BIG SHOT ! ]]

    please go outside

  • CoreParadox

    transfer the wealth of deez nuts into your mouth

  • CollieWolf

    Hey sharing your face online isn't a great id-

    oh thats a drawing of you, ok that makes more sense! 
    Cope. touch grass, id suggest kissing your girl but i doubt you have one if youre spending your money on things like NFTs and crypto lol


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